Welcome to a journey into the fascinating world of Flow, where passion and inspiration come together to create a floor with peak performance. Backed by the quality and experience of Woodco, an Italian company that has been producing parquet flooring for 40 years, Flow is the new brand of stone powder and polymer flooring that combines technology, resistance and an eye-catching appearance. We have extensive experience in the world of wood and we have introduced the innovative product range of pre-finished floors to the Italian market. Our company know-how has been put to use to bring this new and revolutionary flooring technology into homes.


The combination of versatility, design, beauty and the unique 5G locking system makes the Flow collections durable, easy to install, healthy and with the highly realistic surfaces of wood and concrete floors.


We designed Flow inspired by the psychological concept of “flow”, a state in which one is fully immersed in their activity and achieves peak performance. Thus we have created a stone powder floor that embodies the very essence of superior performance. Like the mountains that challenge us with their grandeur, Flow conquers every living and commercial space thanks to its exceptional strength and durability.


And it is precisely from the seductive colours of the rocks that we have taken inspiration, naming all the shades in the Flow collections after the most important mountain ranges in homage to the strength and beauty of nature. Nature, which we are committed to preserving thanks to its complete recyclability, for reduced environmental impact.

The French A+ label, on the other hand, certifies that Flow releases no harmful substances into the building, ensuring excellent health and safety.



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